Our Programs

Who is eligable to participate in Together We Will programs?

Any progressive grassroots group that is affiliated with Together We Will is eligable to apply for our programs. All applications are reviewed by the Leadership Council and approved on basis of merit and alignment with our goals and mission. See the Affiliate Code of Conduct to apply.

Activist Tools: Building Coalitions

We are at a “coalition moment” in the surge of activism since last November. Many grassroots organizations are finding each other to reduce duplication and are uniting to work on common goals. We know that coordinated actions with broader constituencies yield greater... read more

Sponsor Local Group Events and Initiatives

Local grassroots groups may want to run or participate in a large event that costs money, purchase a billboard for an issue, raise funds for some other initiative, or even just get the non-profit discount on a rental fee. This can sometimes be a challenging process... read more

Fundraise and Support Candidates

As a non-profit corporation, TWW is registered on ActBlue and is able to create and manage what are called “tandem campaigns” with one or more specific candidates. Tandem campaigns are single fundraisers that split donations evenly between recipients, or allow the... read more