To be an affiliated grassroots group of TWW, groups must read and agree to the below Code of Conduct, and complete the Affiliate Registration form. Affiliates are eligible to apply for all TWW programs and are licensed to use TWW branding.

Affiliate Code of Conduct


This Affiliate Code of Conduct sets forth the standards by which any group of individuals, organized informally on Facebook or otherwise, or as a formal legal entity, is expected to abide in order to preserve their right to access certain materials and use certain intellectual property (including, without limitation, trademark, tradenames and trade dress) of TWW USA, Inc. the Arizona non-profit corporation operating pursuant to IRC §501(c)(4) following the date hereof, “TWW USA”). Any such group of individuals shall be deemed an “Affiliate” of TWW USA for so long as it remains in compliance with this Affiliate Code of Conduct. 

Code of Conduct

Each Affiliate is expected to:

  • Align with the TWW USA mission statement;

  • Agree that no individual can be excluded from membership in or leadership of the Affiliate on the basis of race, class, gender, disability, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation;

  • Commit to open sharing of resources and best practices;

  • Commit to including and encouraging voices from traditionally marginalized or oppressed groups, including those excluded from mainstream social, economic, cultural or political life due to race, religion, political or cultural group, age, gender, disability, or financial status;

  • Safeguard the confidential information and privacy of Affiliates and their members;

  • Use social media wisely and responsibly;

  • Do not block or prevent employees, officers or volunteers of TWW USA from participating in social media groups and activities under the TWW name and branding

  • Not act or speak in a manner that harms the reputation or damages the credibility of TWW USA or Affiliates; handle any disagreements with TWW USA privately and professionally
  • Provide, and publish locally, a written community standard or code of conduct that includes the values reflected in this Affiliate Code of Conduct;

  • Report any violations of this Affiliate Code of Conduct to TWW USA by emailing

Affiliate group admines are expected to remove any Affiliate member or refuse Affiliate membership to any individual who:

  • uses abusive language toward or engages in verbal, physical or visual harassment of another member;

  • commits or threatens violence toward any individual or group;

  • engages in conduct endangering the life, safety, health or well-being of others;

  • bullies or takes unfair advantage of any other member; or

  • fails to otherwise adhere to this Affiliate Code of Conduct;

Violations of the Code or the Law

TWW USA reserves the right to cease providing access to its resources and/or granting permission to use its intellectual property from any individual or group of individuals who violates the law or the Affiliate Code of Conduct.


If you have any questions regarding the matters discussed in this Affiliate Code of Conduct, please feel free to email Support.  (GDSVF&H\2243094.1)