Who We Are

Together We Will is a grassroots civic engagement organization that gets people involved in local governance and drives progressive engagement at all levels. With over 70% of members being new to political engagement, we are cultivating a lifestyle of activism that will not only resist current dangerous policy, but drive sustainable, longterm solutions that encompass our progressive priorities, including both political and social activism.

Together We Will was born from the upswell of progressive poltiical activism following the 2016 election. Hundres of thousands were spurred into urgent action across the country in an unprecidented mobilization of everyday people into a grassroots movement. TWW groups now count more than 400,000 members in regional and local groups throughout the country, and internationally.

What We Do

TWW Programs are specifically geared towards supporting and enableing grassroots activism and local grassroots groups.

  • Sponsor Local Group Events and Initiatives
  • Fundraise and Support Candidates
  • Lobby for progressive initiatives

Read more about TWW Programs and how your group can participate!

Meet The Team

Together We Will is run by an incredible and dedicated team of volunteers!

Marilyn Lucey
Leadership Council

Bethany Amborn
Cheif Financial Officer
Leadership Council

Mallory Lass
Leadership Council

Azadeh Ghafari
Director, Political Strategy
Leadership Council

Naomi Goldman
Director, Communcations
Leadership Council

Lindsey Terry
Director, Technical 
Leadership Council

Katie SImpson
Director of Outreach
Leadership Council

Vicki Summers
Managing Editor
Leadership Council

Alycia C. Wright
Director, Activism 101
Leadership Council

Rhiannon Wallstedt Woo
Director, Education & Training


A huge thank you to Ann Zemenak Sarimo and the design team at Hasan & Partners in Helsinki, Finland for their creativity, enthusiasm and tireless effort in designing our Together We Will logo and visual identity. Special thanks to Jarkko Ojanen and also to Ann and Diana Sanchez for their original logo design work for Pantsuit Nation that caught our attention!