Together We Will stand up, refuse to be silenced, and reclaim our democracy as everyday people taking decisive, unified action to defend and advance our rights.

About Together We Will

We came together in the days before the election on November 8th, most of us expecting to celebrate as we ushered in our country’s first female President. In the days that followed, we emerged from the groundswell of energy, and came together in larger and larger gatherings, all over the country. Tens of thousands were spurred into urgent action. In weeks, Together We Will was born in the mobilization of everyday people activating into a grassroots movement, and now count more than 300,000 members in our regional and local affiliates and allies throughout the country, and internationally.

We leverage the work of contemporary allies, in how we engage in congressional advocacy, organize and educate new-to-activism volunteers, and evaluate calls to action vetted for accuracy and impact to serve our political action objectives.

From day one, our intention has been to plan and enact sustainable, longterm solutions that encompass our progressive priorities, including both political and social activism.


Together We Will:

  • Provide resources and guidance to empower everyday people to organize and act locally; whether new to community organization, returning to a new era of civil rights defense, or seasoned veteran of political and social activism, we will curate and produce resources to serve their needs.
  • Work to elect progressive government leaders in local, county, state, and national races who will defend our values and rights, with an emphasis on identifying and providing resources to prospective candidates of color, female, diverse in abilities, and from the LGBTQ community.
  • Radically include underrepresented groups in our leadership and membership, at all levels of our organization to explicitly combat systemic racism and build institutional equity.
  • Partner with organizations who do the above successfully and amplify their actions to give voice to the millions who have been silent for far too long.


Our Core Values

Strategic Impact
  • Our product is action. Our members need to mobilize and show up, call up, write in, etc with such numbers that when we say ‘we’re coming’ , government leaders, businesses, organizations have an immediate sense of relief, utter joy, or dread.
  • Our people are present in every level, from school boards to city councils to state legislator to the white house, we are there watching and listening and holding them accountable for their promises and action.
  • We actively encourage, support, an help prepare our members to run for office at every level.
  • As an organization, we funnel our numbers behind the organizations that are doing this work already, and amplify their message with our voices.
  • We have a servant attitude – we are serving to improve the lives of others, the communities that need ‘stirring’ to remember their power and their worth, from within. We are not dominated by the voices of a few, and the movement’s visibility comes before our own.
  • We lead by listening and following – we do not act as a “savior to the helpless,” but as active students of how to direct our power behind those who need it
  • As an organization, we put leaders from underrepresented communities in the front, ensuring that our very core is built with the perspective of and in solidarity with those who are affected most, and a commitment to service for ALL our communities.
  • We move with purpose and unity against those who seek to harm any part of our community. When we show up, people know that all of us stand for all the rest, even when we are very different.
  • We nurture and support the groups that come together under this organization. We help them find resources, funding, people, educational tools, actions, etc.; everything they need to be an effective force in their area. We do this by listening to them and what their community needs in their area, and learn with them.
  • We gather the voices of seemingly powerless people and inspire them to show up, call, write, band together and have them act, move and speak out together.
  • Unity is not uniformity, and we move together with a common vision that the different beliefs and needs of each of us are equally important.
Cultivate Action
  • We regularly communicate what we believe so that our members, our leaders know in their bones that TWW is where they want to be because our belief is so true, our passion unmitigated.
  • We work to get people who have never done anything politically to take that first small step into activism, and mobilize them in small, daily actions that together have incredible impact.
  • We model and evangelize small action, and show how small actions lead to big impact, and larger actions to national impact.
  • We are a portal to education on HOW to take action, and directing people to the organizations that already have accessible opportunities for taking action.


In solidarity and strength,

Marilyn Lucey
Director, Legal, Education & Training

Azadeh Ghafari
Director, Political Strategy, Events & Fundraising


Katie Simpson
Director, Outreach, Communications

Bethany Amborn
Director, Operations, Marketing, Technical

Meet The Team

Together We Will is run by an incredible and dedicated team of volunteers!

Naomi Goldman
Chairwoman – Public Relations
Chairwoman – Civics Refresh

Lindsey Terry
Chairwoman – Technical

Sophia Sanders
Chairwoman – Youth Action

Vicki Summers
Chairwoman – Civics Refresh

Jennifer Hart
Chairwoman – Affiliate and Ally Group Outreach

Alycia C. Wright
Chairwoman – Activism 101 Training

Rhiannon Wallstedt Woo
Chairwoman – Call to Action

Lisa Sloan
Chairwoman – Foundation of Us

Jennifer B. Bauer
Chairwoman – Activism 101 Training

Suzanna Griffith
Chairwoman – Event Planning

Mallory Lass
Chairwoman – Fundraising

A huge thank you to Ann Zemenak Sarimo and the design team at Hasan & Partners in Helsinki, Finland for their creativity, enthusiasm and tireless effort in designing our Together We Will logo and visual identity. Special thanks to Jarkko Ojanen and also to Ann and Diana Sanchez for their original logo design work for Pantsuit Nation that caught our attention!