CA ADEM Elections 2017

Hey California voters, do you want to reform the Democratic Party? Here’s your chance, and you don’t even have to wait 2 years to vote again!


California Democrats will elect their state leaders January 7th and 8th. 

These leaders play an important role in shaping the direction of the party, and because many people are unaware this is even happening, your vote could have a major influence on who is chosen. Every district in California will hold its Assembly District Election Meetings (mainly known as the ADEMs) to vote on who will represent our 80 assembly districts in the California Democratic Party. Sometimes these elections are decided with fewer than 40 total votes. Showing up with your local chapter can have huge impact. Basically, these assembly district delegates for the California Democratic Party, are the group charged to vote for the leadership and agenda of the California Democratic Party.

Due to increased interest after the presidential election, this ADEM is likely to be more competitive than ever. Which means that you should show up to vote to make sure your voice is well represented.
What are ADEM elections?

ADEMs are held every two years (Saturday, January 7 or Sunday, January 8 of 2017). At each of these 80 ADEM meetings throughout the state, 14 people (seven men and seven women) from your community will be elected to be members of the Democratic State Central Committee Delegation for the 2017-2019 term. These 14 people will represent their Assembly District for both the 2017 and 2018 California Democratic Party state conventions. In addition, one person will be elected to represent each assembly district on the California Democratic Party’s Executive Board.

Who can vote?

Anyone! Yup, you don’t have to be registered Democrat to vote. You can register as a Democrat on-site when you go to your district’s voting center.


So who are these delegates?

County Committee members are average folks who volunteer some of their time to serve our country by serving the Democratic Party. Anyone can run to be elected, so most of these folks are your neighbors and maybe even friends. They are publicly elected officials that function, essentially, as the Board of Directors for the California Democratic Party. Unlike many other progressive organizations or clubs, they also have official duties, as defined by the California Election Code, and carry the official weight of the California Democratic Party for certain matters within their jurisdiction.

Has TWW endorsed any candidates?

We’re not making any official endorsements, although we are supporting our members who are running (listed below). Throughout the state, progressive groups and leaders have formed a unified slate of candidates with broad progressive representation. To find out who has been endorsed locally check out your local Democratic Party chapter or show up to the ADEM elections to hear your district’s candidates speak. You can also read up ahead of time – candidates statements are available on the CADems website. When you look up where your local election is being held, you can also see the statements from all of the candidates running. 

Some ADEM elections are relatively sleepy affairs in which 19 people vote for 14 slots; others, mainly in deep blue districts, are hotly contested. Last cycle in Ventura County’s 44th Assembly District, the winners received between 60 and 110 votes. Last cycle in Alameda County, 1000 people showed up to vote and the win number was around 300. So here’s a great way for you to help reform the Democratic party, starting right here in California. 

TWW Members Running

Get out to the ADEMs and shape the future of the California Democratic Party!