Activist Tools: A Guide to Resistance Newsletters

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Activist Toolkit

It’s not easy coping with the avalanche of bad news, and figuring out which actions to take in order to combat the injustice and cruelty we see all around us.  What’s an activist to do?  Well, the humble e-newsletter is a ubiquitous tool of the Resistance.  If you don’t already receive the Together We Will USA newsletter, you can sign up here.  And then check out our sister Resistance newsletters, each with a different focus or flavor.


Matt Kiser’s What the Fuck Just Happened Today? In his words: “Today’s essential guide to the shock and awe in national politics. Read in moderation.” (Daily)

Amy Siskind’s The Weekly List of things that are #NotNormal. Her slogan: “Experts on authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.” If you have a Medium account, you can follow her on Medium and receive email notices about her lists. (Weekly)

Alison & Stephanie’s Small Victories newsletter – Focuses on the positive with a dose of humor as well! (Weekly)


Rogan’s List – A retired librarian is very busy producing “a daily, thoroughly vetted action list for people who are unhappy with the current administration and who want to become more politically involved, but do not have time for the research.” (Daily) 

Jen Hofmann’s Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience. She provides a list of “weekly actions for positive change so Americans of conscience can get engaged in their democracy.”  She also includes links to some interesting news articles and a positive outlook. (Weekly)

Derek Nelson’s Re:Act newsletter. This “list of a few concrete things you can do to take action during the Trump presidency” is from, humbly stated, “just a guy letting you know some things I’m doing every week.” Each issue typically lists 5 areas of action, as well as news links. (Weekly)

Rise Stronger newsletter. In addition to maintaining the People’s Calendar of events across the nation, they send out the weekly “United States of Resistance” email digest which is a mix of actions and activist-oriented news. Here’s the archive of past issues, and where you can sign up to receive it. (Weekly)

wall-of-us newsletter. Their “mission is to make it simply irresistible for Americans to become active participants in rebuilding our democracy.” Receive “4 concrete acts of resistance” in your inbox each week. Here’s the archive of past issues, and where you can sign up to receive it. 

Are there any other newsletters you recommend adding to this list?  Email

Tina Suzanne, a member of the TWW newsletter team, is a psychology professor and mom of two.  She is new to political activism and believes in democracy and the power of collective action.