TWW Roundup: March is Women’s History Month–Let’s Make History!

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Candidates, News, Weekly Report

March is Women’s History Month!

As the month of March comes around again, we celebrate all women and all of our many accomplishments, while recognizing that there continues to be much more to do in our struggle for equality. The challenges women are facing today do not drastically differ from those that have faced us in the last 50 years. And as we move forward in resistance to the unacceptable and destructive agenda of the current presidential administration, we commit to elevating women of every race, ethnicity, orientation, age and class as we work towards gender parity.

In honor of International Women’s Day (IWD), this Thursday, March 8, let us recommit to moving towards progressive values of equality in every avenue of our lives. The IWD movement is calling for us to #PressforProgress by taking actions individually, and collectively, to commit to a “gender parity mindset.” Find resources and actions here. There will be a social media “Thunderclap” this Thursday. You can participate by promoting the message:

It’s #InternationalWomensDay so let’s #PressforProgress to accelerate #genderparity #IWD2018

NRA Doubles Down on Lobbying Legislators for More Guns

Even as we face the horrors of gun violence on a daily basis, the NRA lobbying group is holding fast to its position of keeping every kind of weapon available to any person, regardless of the consequences. The NRA kept pressure on Florida legislators, stopping an assault rifle ban from passing even as brave students from Stoneman Douglas High School looked on in tears.

The relationship between the NRA and our government is disturbing and dangerous.  In Georgia this past week, the state GOP revoked a promised tax break from Delta Airlines as punishment for the company’s decision to end discounts to NRA members. The idea that a state legislative body would punish a private business for making a perfectly legal business decision, in the wake of public outcry, is questionable at best. At worst, Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle may be violating Delta’s First Amendment rights. Let every single elected official know that their time is up if they continue to support the NRA. Vote them all out in 2018!

Upon visiting the NRA website the headline proclaims, “It is not just about guns, it’s about freedom.” Wayne La Pierre, NRA leader, calls those members of Congress, who are fighting for commonsense gun laws, the “new European style socialists.” This casting of unlimited gun rights as constitutionally mandated, while denigrating gun sense proponents as somehow un-American, is wrongheaded and frightening.

Reasonable adults, from every political background, understand that the founding fathers never intended for every person, regardless of mental health, to have access to every single kind of gun at all times. Socialist or otherwise, we have to resist this violent assault on our communities by continuing to talk to your representatives at every level about Gun Sense.

More Businesses Cut Ties with NRA

Many more businesses have joined with Delta to cut ties with the gun lobbying group. Dick’s Sporting Goods made the announcement that it would cease sale of assault style guns in stores across the country, as well as raise the age to purchase to 21. First National Bank of Omaha said that it would stop issuing an NRA VISA card. MetLife said it would end insurance discounts.

The best way to support this positive movement by businesses to distance themselves from the NRA is to use the power of your dollars. Spend your money at businesses that have ended NRA discounts; send messages of thanks to businesses responding to the public demand for gun safety laws.

Georgia On My Mind

In other news in Georgia, the state is on the cusp of becoming the first to elect a black woman as governor. The leading Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams, is a lawyer, author, and was formerly head of the Democratic minority in the state Legislature. Abrams leads her primary opponent in polls, and has an F grade from the NRA. Suddenly, failing grades are a badge of honor in state houses around the country. Ironically, Abrams will likely go up against Lt. Gov. Cagle as the GOP candidate. Read more about Abrams here.

Find out more about women candidates at the Center for American Women in Politics, located at Rutgers University.  

Take Action

  1. Commit to #PressforProgress during Women’s History Month. Join the Thunderclap by posting a one-time message to your social media account on March 8 at 1 PM GMT
  2. Contact your members of Congress about common sense gun laws, among the many issues that directly impact women
  3. Let your representatives know that they are being held accountable for their votes
  4. Join groups like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
  5. Get out the Vote! Join a group like ACLU People Power to help register voters, fight for election reforms, and encourage everyone to vote, especially women!


Jacqui Viale is an educator and activist living in Long Beach California with her husband, two teenagers, two cats, a dog and a lizard. Jacqui holds a masters in Educational Administration from California State University, Long Beach.