Candidates Of Color: The Blue Wave Is Stronger With Black Woman Magic

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Candidates, Elections, Spotlight

Remember when African Americans got out the vote in Alabama and elected Doug Jones to the Senate, instead of that creepy mall stalker and the horse he rode in on?

Amazing, right? Just the beginning of the Democratic Wave that’s going to turn the house blue.

Well… not quite that simple. The GOP won’t go down without a fight. The Koch Brothers plan to spend $400 million on the 2018 elections. That’s a lot of ads for people who didn’t see the problem with an adult man stalking teenaged girls.

We’ve learned the hard way that we can’t take anything for granted. How can we make sure our blue wave is a tsunami?

The answer is pretty clear. We need African Americans in the game. We need their representation and their voices. Issues important to African Americans are good for all of us, like pay equality, support for small businesses, and voting registration. These are issues that are all at risk under the current administration.

We need all people of color, and people of gender diversity as well. Our diversity is our strongest asset. As a thank you for the miracle win of Doug Jones, let’s start with African American women.

Diedra Greenaway is running to represent California’s District 25**, Antelope Valley, in the US House. She grew up in a military family and focused her higher education in Gerontology so she’s a strong choice to guide policies like Medicare and Social Security. Currently she serves her community as a council member of the Northridge East Neighborhood where she focuses on the issue of homelessness.

Her opponent Stephen Knight is the Republican incumbent. He toes the GOP lines and recently voted to restrict reproductive rights and to limit gun control. Yet he somehow managed to miss the vote on disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Greenaway knows that in a nation of our resources, there is no excuse for homelessness. She knows that Support Our Troops means supporting them once they get home too. She supports Medicare for All and staying in the Paris Agreement, recognizing that climate change is a problem we must address as a nation.

In spite of her common sense platform, Greenaway has an uphill battle. CA-25 has been represented by a Republican since 1993 and Knight has an established pool of donors.

She has a shot at winning. CA-25 voted Clinton in 2016. But that was the same election where Knight raised a whopping $1.7 million and beat his Democratic challenger by seven points. Unfortunately, Knight is not offering to retire and the district is being called a battleground. The Koch Brothers are paying attention too — and paying a lot of money.

Still, we saw African American women make a miracle happen at the Alabama ballot box. We can do this together. To make miracles happen all over the country head over to Black Women in Politics and take a look at African American women running in your state and then sign up at Swing Left to help the one nearest you get elected.


*** Greenaway recently dropped out of the race for U.S. House of Representatives (CA-25), and is now running for California State Assembly, District 36.

Jennifer Dodge is a white stay-at-home-mom who is tired of systemic racism.