Together We Will San Diego Sponsors Local Women’s March

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Spotlight, TWW News

At the San Diego Women’s March, Together We Will San Diego was a strong presence, hosting a booth where they gathered over 400 signatures for the Voting Restoration and Democracy Act in partnership with other groups, gave out stickers and buttons with election dates, and had a photo frame that people could use for commemorative pictures.  In fact, TWW San Diego was one of the top donors to the San Diego Women’s March.  Their fundraising efforts yielded over $2500, the majority of which went toward supporting transportation so that members of underserved communities could attend the March.  Over 70 members donated to the cause.

TWW San Diego’s work on the petition drive for the Voting Restoration and Democracy Act was conducted in partnership with Oakland-based nonprofit Initiate Justice, and local organizations  Pillars of the Community and Showing Up for Racial Justice – San Diego.  The coalition’s goal is to help get the initiative on the ballot in November by collecting 10% of the signatures needed statewide from San Diego County voters.

The Women’s March funds were raised as a sponsored program of TWW USA, which according to TWW SD co-chairs Emily Green and Emily Grant Cottrell, simplified the logistics so that they didn’t need to deal with bank accounts or accountants.  Groups that are registered affiliates of TWW USA, a 510(c)(4) nonprofit organization, are eligible for this type of assistance.  

Tina Suzanne, who edits the TWW newsletter, is a psychology professor and mom of two. She is new to political activism and believes in democracy and the power of collective action.