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It seems the chief cornerstone of the Republican Party this year is denial.  They deny climate change while California burns, refuse to believe Trickle Down Economics doesn’t work, and fail to give credence to multiple child victims of sexual assault. Denial is the constant strategy in the face of every allegation.

Climate Change

California has had one of the worst fire seasons on record thanks in large part to climate change — warmer, dryer conditions cause vegetation to dry out and burn.  The hotter climate also leads to more lightning which is a chief cause of wildland fires.  In addition, urban planning often fails to take into account the risk of building homes near wildlands. We can no longer deny that we are having a negative effect on the planet. We need to lead the fight toward real change in environmental protection policies, urban planning, and repairing the damage already done to the planet.  Mother Nature is pissed and fighting back!  

Tax Scam

Both the House and the Senate have passed tax “reform” bills which would screw the poor and middle class while benefiting the wealthy and corporations.  Both Congressional bodies are currently working in conference committee to iron out the differences between the two bills; the GOP are hoping to pass the legislation before they break for winter recess.  What both bills do is revive the fantasy of trickle down economics; there has been no proof that it actually works. Not since the failure of Reagan’s economic policy has there been any trickle down. In general, the rich get wealthier and the poor get poorer. The wealthy do not say, “thanks for that tax break, I’ll be happy to spend it improving the lives of the poor.”

What these bills do is add billions to the deficit; this is like running up your credit card bills and hoping your kids will pay them off when you die. Aside from the damage we are doing to our children today by cutting benefits to them, we are leaving them with an astronomical bill they won’t be able to pay. And the GOP just keeps denying they have a spending problem.

I Believe Women

Roy Moore, a man accused of sexual relations with children as young as 14, has been endorsed by Trump and the Republican party to represent Alabama in the Senate. His supporters either refuse to believe his accusers or believe voting for a pedophile is preferable to a Democrat. There is something inherently disturbing that people, particularly women, are willing to vote for a man accused of sexually abusing children rather than a Democrat.

Clearly, the Democratic party has some work to do in Alabama and indeed across the country. But even more important is how can Republicans continue to NOT believe women? And why do Republican women let them get away with it? Why do women fear reporting rape and why do male judges worry more about the effect of a rape conviction on the man’s reputation than what it did to the woman?

Let’s face it, men aren’t going to fix this problem. They’ve been a part of it too long. The best thing about Trump’s election has been the empowerment of women.  Women are now getting more involved in politics; everything from running for office themselves to writing postcards for candidates in their own homes. Women have awoken to the fact that we can no longer afford to NOT be involved in politics. We must take back this country from those who would destroy it like Trump, Ryan, McConnell and Moore.  

On November 6, 2018, we have the chance to take back both the House and the Senate from the GOP and take back our country. EVERY member of the House is up for reelection in 2018.  34 Senators are up for reelection in 2018. The GOP have a lead in the House of less than 50 members; the Senate only FOUR.  We can flip these seats! This is not an impossible taskBUT we must start now!

Take Action

  • REGISTER to vote if you haven’t already –those midterm elections are closer than you think.  
  • Call your Members of Congress and tell them to vote NO on the Tax Scam!
  • If you live in Alabama, vote for Doug Jones on Tuesday!  
  • Find a local progressive candidate for Congress in 2018 and volunteer for them.  If there isn’t already a challenger to a Republican seat in your district, find someone and/or run yourself!
  • Run or encourage other women to run for Judgeships!  
  • Donate to the American Red Cross to help fire and other natural disaster survivors.  
  • Lastly, in order to protect our democracy, we must have a neutral internet.  Contact the following email addresses to demand continued net neutrality immediately as the vote is 12/14:


  1. Ajit Pai, Chairman,
  2. Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner,
  3. Michael O’Rielly, Commissioner, Mike.O’
  4. Brendan Carr, Commissioner,
  5. Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner,


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Ty Starks Morgan is an attorney who has worked in the foster care system for 24 years. She is the mother of two teen sons, two dogs, three cats, and a plethora of rescued foster animals.