Headline: TWW Roundup: The Good, The Bad and the Greedy

by | Dec 3, 2017 | Actions, News, Weekly Report

The Bad News

The Republican tax scam was passed by the Senate along party lines with only one Republican dissenter.  Parts of the bill were written in the middle of the night, some parts weren’t even typed, none of it was reviewed by the Congressional Budget Office or even most of the Senate.  Immoral is the only term that seems to fit the bill and the GOP’s push to pass it.  Polls show that 70% of Americans oppose this bill so many are wondering why it was passed.  This question has the most simple answer–money. The GOP receives most of its donations from the wealthy–people like the Koch brothers–who will benefit from this travesty of a tax bill.

In order to provide huge tax cuts to the wealthiest 1%, these are just a few of the horrors that this bill provides:  

  1. Tax increases to 87 million middle class Americans;
  2. Adds $1 TRILLION to the national deficit;
  3. Opens the Arctic to oil drilling;
  4. $400 billion cuts to Medicare over the next ten years; and
  5. Cuts healthcare benefits to 14 million people.

These provisions were passed by flat out bribery of several key Republican Senators.  The Senator from Alaska was bought off by allowing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Another was convinced to vote for this monstrosity in exchange for a federal tax break for local taxes. An Arizona Senator was persuaded with promises of the passage of a bill to help DACA immigrants. When the Republican Party has to bribe its own members to vote for a bill it wants passed, you can be sure it’s not good for the American people.

Now the House and Senate must meet in conference to iron out the differences between the two equally greed driven and immoral bills to see what kind of abomination the GOP will heap upon the average American.  

The Good News

Michael Flynn, former national security adviser to the President, is scheduled to testify that Trump instructed him to contact the Russians. Flynn has already plead guilty to lying to the FBI; in exchange Flynn has agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation.  

Take Action

We MUST take back the Congress from those driven only by greed!  

  • Help get Doug Jones elected to the Senate and show young girls everywhere that we have their backs.
  • If you aren’t already, register yourself to vote in the 2018 election.
  • Start a registration drive in your community and target traditionally underrepresented voters.
  • Contact your members of Congress and tell them to vote no on the GOP Tax Scam (202)224-3121.


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