Sexism: Alive and Well

by | Nov 19, 2017 | Actions, News, Weekly Report

The one good thing about Trump’s election is that it has inspired more women, people of color, LGBTQIA, and people of different faiths to get involved in politics and run for office. And they won! This month’s elections have been a beacon of light in what has been the worst 12 months in American politics since the Nixon scandal.

But this last week also showed us we still have a long way to go when it comes to sexism and sexual assault/crimes against women. It seems like every day more and more women come forward to say that a prominent male figure assaulted them. We have individuals like Roy Moore running for Senate in Alabama; at least 8 women have come forward to say that Moore was inappropriate with them when they were teens–as young as 14. And while his opponent, Doug Jones, is now leading Moore in the polls, he is NOT leading him by much–8 points at most.  This means that 40% of voters are willing to vote for a man who sexually assaulted TEENAGERS. In prison, child molesters are routinely beaten and killed by other prisoners; but on the streets people vote them into office. It’s a sad state of affairs when prisoners have a higher code of ethics than voters.

Of course, Moore isn’t the only one who has been accused just this week. Even the much beloved Al Franken was accused of groping a female reporter.  What Franken did however, that few others have, is immediately issue a genuine and articulate apology.  While apologies don’t make what he and others have done all right, it’s an improvement. Our idiot in chief, Trump, continues to brag about his sexual misdeeds, and the GOP does not seem to object.

In Others News

  • A 210,000 gallon oil leak happened last week in South Dakota on the Keystone Pipeline days before Nebraska rules on whether the new pipeline can move forward.
  • The House passed their version of the GOP’s Tax Plan. And while it kept in the mandate for Obamacare, it did little to help the American people unless you are the 1%. The financial consequences could be catastrophic for many including students and middle class families
  • 5 more people killed by gun rampage; killer had history of violence.
  • Trump attempted to lift restrictions on big game trophies entering the U.S., then put it “on hold” when he saw the backlash.hold” when he saw the backlash.

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