Chapter Spotlight: TWW North Carolina Offers Racial Equity Training

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Spotlight

It’s not easy to discuss racism and work toward eliminating it, but that’s what Together We Will North Carolina did by offering racial equity training on Oct. 28th in Durham, NC, in partnership with Organizing Against Racism (OAR).  The venue, food, and childcare were donated, while fundraising covered other costs. 

Classroom with words Bravery and Self Control on the wall

Organizing Against Racism is a network of anti-racism groups in North Carolina’s Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) which hosts trainings and events to advance racial equity.  According to OAR, their activities are for both people of color and white people who are committed to eliminating racism.  Anti-racism workshops provide analysis that help participants gain clarity about how racism is organized and how to work to disrupt its powerful influence.  The workshops are designed to bring together local participants who want to support each other while deepening their understanding of how to be effective anti-racists.  After taking the workshops, participants continue to come together through caucusing in order to develop awareness of how racism lives in each of us and in our institutions so that we may be strong, organized and clear in our efforts to dismantle racism.