House of Cards

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Actions, News, Weekly Report


Mueller Our Savior

The first indictments (and even guilty plea) have been issued in the Mueller Russian investigation. And while many may be disheartened that it wasn’t Trump himself that was indicted, Mueller and his colleagues will continue to indict low level members of Trump’s team hoping to convince them to testify against higher level members.  They will chip away at the foundation until the entire house of cards falls.  The scorecard thus far:


  • Paul Manafort, Trump Campaign Manager
  • Rick Gates, Manafort’s Business Partner
  • George Papadopoulos, Former Foreign Policy Advisor

On Deck

  • Michael T. Flynn, Former National Security Advisor
  • Michael G. Flynn, son of Michael T. Flynn who also worked on the campaign

Both Flynns run a lobbying firm and are being investigated for money laundering and/or lying to federal agents. They are also being investigated for attempting to help the Turkish President remove a Turkish citizen from the U.S. in exchange for millions of dollars.  The FBI has already refused to extradite Gulen, a cleric in exile in the U.S.

While three Congressmen suggested Mueller should resign due to his involvement in another investigation, Paul Ryan dismissed those concerns and stated that Congress would not interfere in Mueller’s investigation. He also claimed that the House and the Senate are both conducting their own investigations into Russian interference in the election.  

A Senate judiciary subcommittee did convene this week to interview the heads of Facebook, Twitter, and Google to discuss their roles in the Russian interference with the election. While Congress had hoped to hear that new safeguards had been put in place, what they actually heard was how nearly impossible it would be to investigate every advertisement placed on social media.  

It’s now been a year since the election was stolen by Trump, but we are hopefully seeing the beginning of the end of the Trump regime. Between Mueller and the hearings in Congress, eventually the truth will out. Grab a bucket of popcorn, your indictment bingo card, and hang on for a bumpy ride.


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