We are at a “coalition moment” in the surge of activism since last November. Many grassroots organizations are finding each other to reduce duplication and are uniting to work on common goals. We know that coordinated actions with broader constituencies yield greater impact, leverage power, and voices of grassroots voters are amplified.

In this webinar:

• Structural issues: models, scale, and incentives
• People: coalition constituencies, intersectionality and allyship, and bridging generations
• Process: getting started, communication, and technology
• As well as: Best practices, resources, and action opportunities

Webinar led by:

Marilyn Cachola Lucey, Together We Will (TWW) – Marilyn is part of the Together We Will Leadership Council and an OFA Fellow. She is a longtime education, special education, and disability rights advocate; she serves on a county commission, a state level non-profit commission, and local advisory boards. Her foray into the national grassroots arena is bolstered by a keen interest and commitment to anti-oppression organizing. She works as a special education advocate in the San Francisco bay area and lives in the Tea Party toehold of this blue region with her husband and children.

Lecia Michelle, Real Talk: WOC & Allies for Racial Justice and Anti-Oppression: Lecia Michelle is the creator of the Facebook group “Real Talk: WOC and Allies for Racial Justice and Anti-Oppression.” Lecia realized after the election that it was important to have a space that centered WOC but also taught allies how to fight racism. Thus Real Talk was born. “Real Talk: WOC and Allies Learning and Growing Together” is a space where allies can come to ask questions, find resources and have discussions about what they can do to truly be an ally. The group strives to be diverse in every way and to embrace and support the fact that we are all connected through the intersectionality of our unique backgrounds.

Bethany Amborn, Real Talk and TWW: Bethany is a long time LGBTQ rights and anti-racism activist, married mom of 2 little girls, and works in the IT field. After the election, she became heavily involved in local and national political activism and is lucky to be a part of some great groups. A founding member of TWW, Bethany serves on the board and has had the honor of assisting the admin team in Real Talk since January.

Emily Gonzales, The Swell Collective: Emily is the founder of the Swell Collective, whose mission is to invest the tools and skills of conscious collaboration, ethical exercise of power & privilege, and resilience & self-care directly into the hands of those working towards and dreaming of peaceful, healthy and diverse communities. SC provides training and ongoing support for a new wave of facilitators and conveners of diverse groups working together for a thriving coexistence. Power is fuel, not a weapon.

Katharine Marrs, California Democratic Party: Katharine is the CA State Field Director for the March Into ’18 Program, with the California Democratic Party. March Into ’18 currently targets five CA Congressional Districts needed to flip the House of Representatives for Democrats in 2018.

Karen May, RISE Stronger: Karen’s first job out of college with Cesar Chavez and the UFW trained her as a lifelong organizer, no matter what job she found herself in – “Si Se Puede” is in her blood. She currently serves as the Membership Director for RISE Stronger, a national policy-oriented resistance group whose motto is “No Ego, No Turf.” She is passionate (possibly obsessed) about coalition building and finding innovative ways to collaborate and amplify our message, power, and values. When she’s not organizing, she’s most likely teaching yoga and meditation to bring self-care to diverse communities, resist activist burnout, and integrate inner and outer liberation.

Andrea Catone, Action Together Network (ATN): Andrea is a social movement strategist, sociologist, and data analyst with a passion for community organizing and supporting the work of volunteers. Andrea is the co-founder and Network Coordinator of Action Together Network (ATN), which connects and supports a network of leaders of activist groups and creators of resources for activist groups.

Nicole Neditch, ActLocal2017: www.ActLocal2017.org

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