TWW Roundup: Chaos and Destruction

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Actions, News, Weekly Report


While some have joked that Hurricane Irma is nature’s response to the horrific presidency of Trump, taking aim at several of his personal properties, there really is nothing funny about a storm of this magnitude. Once again our thoughts, prayers, and support go out to the residents of Florida, Cuba, the Caribbean and others affected by Hurricane Irma. Please support those affected any way you can. The Governor of Florida has called for volunteers and asked the American Red Cross to coordinate. If you’d like to volunteer during or after Hurricane Irma, sign up here. And once again we point out that climate change is real and catastrophic.


As feared, this week Trump rescinded DACA; a program that protected 800,000 undocumented immigrants initially brought to the United States as children. Somewhat surprisingly, as Trump is not known for his compassion, he gave those with current DACA status a six month period where they could still renew their permits. He then essentially challenged Congress to frame a way to handle the DACA population during that six months. There were immediate rallies of supporters of DACA, calls by Members of Congress to pass the Dream Act, and actions proposed by allies. The group, Lawyers for Good Government, for example, immediately polled its members for those willing to help the DACA population fill out their renewal paperwork and planned training for attorneys not skilled in immigration policy. Large corporations such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft promised to help any DACA employees and called on Congress to pass legislation to help them remain in the U.S.

The Wheels Keep Turning

This week Robert Mueller gave the White House a list of current and former top aides he will seek to question in the Russian election tampering investigation.


Take Action

Once again this week, our fellow Americans need our help. Volunteer or donate to the Red Cross.

Contact your Members of Congress and ask them to
Support the Dream Act

This week marks the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  The 9/11 Memorial is requesting that people use the hashtags #Honor911 or #911Memorial to honor the victims of the attacks.

Ty Starks Morgan is an attorney who has worked in the foster care system for 24 years. She is the mother of two teen sons, two dogs, three cats, and a plethora of rescued foster animals.