#undocuhope – Hurricane Harvey Relief

by | Sep 3, 2017 | Actions, News

A message from Pantsuit Republic:

We have four families currently who qualify for aid who are part of the United We Dream network. Funds can be used for housing, food, or clothing, but ultimately this is at the discretion of the families who know their own needs best. We hope to empower them to rally their immense strength and resilience during this very difficult time. We aim to raise $40,000 to split among 4 families. Can our progressive allies in drier parts of Texas, across the country, and even internationally help us do at least that? Can we help more?

The first family to benefit from our fundraising efforts is JESSICA H’S FAMILY.

As Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on August 25, it also devastated Pasadena, TX and its many immigrant families. One of our United We Dream Houston members, Jessica H., has been displaced from her apartment home after it was flooded. Her family of five watched as their apartment filled up with water and its walls came apart. During this time, Jessica’s father hit his head when he slipped and though the family called 911, there were no hospitals open at the time to treat him. Jessica and her family have been staying with a family friend since Sunday and will not be able to return to their home for weeks. While her father recovers from his concussion, he will not be able to work and it will be up to Jessica’s mother to support the family with a minimum wage job as a cook. Jessica dreams of going to nursing school. While college is now on hold for her, she and her family remain determined to recover and thrive after Hurricane Harvey.