Our Texas chapter, known as Pantsuit Republic, has a Houston presence though member Dona Kim Murphy. Working with another TWW affiliate, the Action Together Network, we’ve produced a short video about a specific group under enormous threat: undocumented Latinx workers, who face a triple whammy of disproportionate flooding, not being able to seek shelter without government ID (code for “papers”), and pending legislation that would allow ID checks for anyone simply because they “look” illegal.

Q: How can I contribute to local disaster relief efforts for the most vulnerable Houstonians?

A: By radically compassionate giving to our relief campaign – THEN Amplify. Share. Tweet. Use our hashtags. The Houston Mennonite Church, a 501(c)3 community partner in Deportation Defense, has agreed to serve as our fiscal sponsor. 100% of funds raised will directly benefit undocumented immigrant families.

Fundraising Link:www.youcaring.com/undocuhope

United We Dream – Houston (UWD) and Pantsuit Republic (PSR) have started a campaign to offer direct aid to specific undocumented families who are unable to access FEMA through citizen household family members. UWD is an organization led by undocumented immigrant youth. PSR is a progressive Texas ally. These families will invariably bear the burden of Harvey harder and longer than others, with fewer resources for disaster recovery and as they concurrently grapple with SB4, a racist and anti-immigrant law set to take effect this Friday, September 1. In the same week that Harvey has temporarily displaced our families, SB4 threatens to permanently displace them.

Please join us in supporting these families.#undocuhope #United4Texas