TWW Roundup: Things Are Heating Up!

by | Jul 30, 2017 | News, Weekly Report

Last week was chock full of revelations, surprises and enough hypocrisy to boggle the mind. If things weren’t already heating up in Washington DC, they certainly reached baking temp in the Senate Chamber early Friday morning! The Resistance achieved a real and meaningful triumph with the death of the GOP healthcare bill. Special thanks go to Republican Senators Collins and Murkowski for having the courage to stand against the male-centric GOP flank by voting “No.” Senator McCain surprised everyone with his “No” vote on the final skinny proposal. But it seems that was his plan all along. His primary vote to proceed with consideration, and subsequent vote against the skinny proposal guaranteed the death of the bill.

It has now become abundantly clear (as if we didn’t already know) that Donald Trump and his family have engaged in a heavy duty exchange of information with the Russians over a two year–at least–period leading up to and continuing into his presidency. Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is probably the conductor of this operation. Donald Trump, Jr. is involved too. Both men have classified security clearance that has, amazingly, not been revoked. Kushner’s interview with the Senate Committee was especially yucky and irksome. According to him, everything’s just peachy! Oddly, the Trump administration seems to be telling on itself. Perhaps Donald’s narcissism is so deep that he cannot help revealing all his dastardly deeds, so that we can ogle in awe at his destruction.

In any case, one of the biggest clowns in the circus decided to exit the clown car–Sean Spicer, Press Secretary-Extraordinaire, resigned. Apparently, his feelings were hurt that he was not invited to see the Pope. Admittedly, this resignation caused some disappointment as progressives immediately thought of the Saturday Night Live skits featuring Melissa McCarthy as the podium-driving Sean Spicer. Does this mean the end of those skits?

The next clown to jump out of the clown car was, shockingly, Reince Priebus. Rather, he was thrown out as the clown car veered towards the gutter. New Communications DIrector, Anthony Scaramucci, gave a jaw-dropping  interview with New Yorker Magazine that made clear that the Trump administration continues on its mission to make a circus of our democracy.

Perhaps to distract from the legislative failure of his presidency, Trump issued one of his most notorious tweets, claiming to ban transgender people from serving in the military. The tweet caught the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff by surprise, and since then there has been clear indications that the military will not follow this pronouncement.

With the rats starting to jump ship, the Resistance needs to stay strong. The pressure must stay on the administration. And we must continue to be outspoken in support of the special investigation and any other efforts to reveal and implicate Trump and his cronies in the illegal, unethical, and traitorous activities that brought them to the White House.

What You Need to Know

  1. AG Jeff Sessions was practically crying at a press conference when he had to defend himself after Trump made remarks suggesting he regretted appointing him in a NYT interview. Trump opined, “Well, Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job, and I would have picked somebody else.” The NYT interview reveals a confused and rattled man, and is recommended reading.
  2. Senate Majority Leader McConnell was deeply disappointed by the failure of his skinny bill. Not that anybody really cared. But maybe now Congress can get to the work that they should have been doing all along. Senator McCain’s speech on last Tuesday may have been a signal to the rest of the GOP to end the madness. We can only hope.
  3. Trump has made suggestions that he would like to remove Robert Mueller as Special Investigator, even though it doesn’t seem like he should have that authority. In an Op-Ed piece in the L.A. Times Doyle Mcmanus explained, “Trump faces a practical problem if he wants to restrict Mueller’s mandate or fire him outright. He’ll need help from Rosenstein, the Justice Department’s No. 2, who is the special counsel’s immediate supervisor. Last month, Rosenstein told Congress he saw no reason that would justify Mueller’s removal.”
  4. Trump has now broken several records, to his credit. He has hired more lawyers than any previous President of the United States. The American people do not yet know who is paying for most of these lawyers either. Although the Trump Campaign is paying for Jared’s representation, which is the least they can do.
  5. Anthony Scaramucci was hired as Trump’s new Communications Director. A Wall Street insider and lifer, his appointment is emblematic of the complete dishonesty and unethical character of this administration. Scaramucci had declared that he will start firing White House staff to stop the leaks. Well, he’ll have to start by firing his boss, because we all know that Trumpy is leaker-in-chief.

RESISTANCE is Not Futile!

  • These are the resistance actions that are getting organized right now. The big push is for everyone to be ready to “Flash March”, or to be ready to resist quickly if anything heavy goes down, especially regarding Mueller. March for Truth is working with MoveOn to organize Rapid Response teams and events all around the country. Get your group and your event organized now! Rapid Resist is another organization where you can find more info.
  • Log your Rapid Resistance event here:
  • From our TWW Affiliate page on Facebook: “Organizers for March for Truth are working with MoveOn and encouraging their supporters to sign up for rapid response messages so they can get notified if the news comes in. They recommend meeting either your nearest congressional office or federal courthouse . If Trump fires Mueller prior to 2 p.m. Eastern, rallies will occur at 5 p.m. local time that day. If Trump fires Mueller after 2 p.m. Eastern Time, rallies will occur at noon local time the following day.”
  • The Indivisible Guide is urging these actions in the coming days:
    • Urge your senator to vote NO on the “Motion to Proceed” on TrumpCare using our new call script.
    • Tell your MoCs to oppose any budget that finances Trump’s mass deportation agenda.
    • Ask your MoCs to support the bipartisan DREAM Act using our new explainer.
    • Before a vote on Tuesday, tell your representative in the House to leave the “Arbitration rule” in place and let the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau protect your rights without interference.
    • Start preparing for August recess with our new August Recess Toolkit.

Stay Safe

The other big push is to make sure that our groups are safe and secure. Administrators and leaders of Resistance groups need to re-fortify efforts to keep their groups free from trolls and interlopers seeking to take us down. Watch out for unknown commenters, re-visit your intake procedures to ensure proper vetting of members, and keep your communications close to the vest. Just watch out. It’s getting hot in here!

Jacqui Viale is an educator and activist living in Long Beach California with her husband, two teenagers, two cats, a dog and a lizard. Jacqui holds a masters in Educational Administration from California State University, Long Beach.