We are excited to announce that Together We Will USA is officially operating as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation!  This is an important milestone that allows us to finally roll out some great programs to fulfill our mission of supporting local grassroots groups!

What kind of things can TWW as a 501(c)(4) do?

TWW is now able to participate in political campaigns and elections, as long as the primary activity is the promotion of social welfare and is related to the organization’s purpose. Per IRS code, this also allows us to directly or indirectly support candidates, as long as it is not our primary purpose. What does this mean for local groups?

Some of the programs TWW can now sponsor and offer local groups:

For more information on the TWW Programs

What’s new on the National Front?

TWW USA has a Leadership Council in place, our de facto Board of Directors with representation from around the country, while we transition toward a traditionally elected board in the coming months. Watch for more information as we search for candidates, both within and outside our TWW network, for those positions.  We are also seeking regional group leaders who would like to take a more integral role in determining and providing support and resources our affiliate groups find valuable.

We have also been busy building partnerships with other progressive organizations such as Rise Stronger, Center for American Progress, and many others. This has been an exciting and challenging effort as we all figure out how to best capture the amazing pool of talent that has stepped forward!

What’s Next?

In the coming weeks and months, there are several key steps we will be focused on.

  • Nominating and electing a full Board of Directors (stay tuned for more information!)
  • Expand specific programs with local groups 
  • Raise funding for long term programs, such as official Chapter designations


We are so excited to be building Together We Will with all of you!

~In Solidarity

Together We Will leadership team

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We hope this information helps. For more updates like this, stay tuned to the Together We Will Newsroom, and please consider supporting our 100%-volunteer-run organization by making a $5-10 donation to our grassroots efforts.