Local grassroots groups may want to run or participate in a large event that costs money, purchase a billboard for an issue, raise funds for some other initiative, or even just get the non-profit discount on a rental fee. This can sometimes be a challenging process for grassroots groups without the infrastructure and funding of an organization.

Local grassroots groups can now apply to have their initiative sponsored by TWW. If approved, the initiative is adopted a project in the TWW programs, and we will coordinate with the local group to set up fundraising tools, event fees, etc. as the project requires. The local group will manage and run their own project, including promoting fundraising efforts to cover the cost, with the support of the TWW national team.

Examples of local initiatives that TWW could sponsor:

  • Event fees and fundraising for having a booth at a large event, like Pride or Earth Fair
  • Donation drives for specific causes or organizations
  • Purchase of group educational materials, banners, signs, or event supplies

Who is Eligible?

Groups must be a registered TWW Affiliate to apply for sponsorship. Register as an Affiliate here.

(Contact Marilyn Lucey, President or Bethany Amborn, CFO with any questions on fiscal sponsorship)


Apply for Sponsorship

If your group has a purchase, event or civic engagement that you would like TWW USA to sponsor, either from the general fund or through hosted fundraisers, please complete this application.