In response to the disastrous House GOP healthcare bill, the AHCA, the Resistance must show our force once again. Republicans need to know that we are watching their every move, and that each action will have repercussions.

As we all know, the American Health Care Act passed by the GOP House in May, and have effectively signed death warrants for millions of Americans. The Republicans should be ashamed of voting to line the pockets of healthcare insurers, while throwing fellow Americans under the bus for the outrageous list of pre-existing conditions.

Most Americans either have, or love someone, who has a pre-existing condition. For many, the removal of the ACA is effectively a death sentence. Cancer, diabetes, mental health issues, pregnancy, and even acid reflux are considered pre-existing conditions. You can find a full list of pre-existing conditions here:…ions-ahca/

Republicans need to know that we are watching their every move, and their actions will have repercussions. To show our outrage, and to demonstrate the devastating impact this law could have on the American people, we will flood every avenue to contact the GOP with predictive obituaries about ourselves or loved ones for whom this law directly impacts.

Please DOWNLOAD one or both of the Obituary Templates, then fill it out.

Obituary to Edit

*Open in WORD* to EDIT

Obituary to Print


Once you have filled out your obituary:

  • Take a photo to Tweet them to your representatives and local and national media outlets.
  • Print out and mail them to your representative’s local office.
  • If you have a deeper, more personal story you wish to share, please write it down and attach it to the obituary.
  • Collect them with members from your group and hand-deliver them to the local office.
  • You can also stage a reading of your obituaries outside of the local office.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #AHCAObituary

This is a joint project between Action Together Network and Together We Will USA

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