The firing of FBI Director James Comey, the man in charge of investigating President Trump’s campaign ties to Russia, has widely been denounced as a Nixonian attempt to control the investigation. This firing shows again President Trump’s disrespect for our nation’s laws and legal processes. It shows that we need to act.

We stand united with Democratic leaders who denounced Comey’s firing today. 

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has called every senator to appear on the Senate floor at 9 a.m. Wednesday, May 10. Many Senate Democrats are threatening stop taking part in Senate business until a special prosecutor is appointed in the investigation of ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russia after the president fired Comey. “I have said from the get-go that I think a special prosecutor is the way to go, but now with what’s happened it is the only way to go,” Schumer told reporters Tuesday.

The New York senator said that Comey’s firing was part of a “deeply troubling pattern” of behavior from the White House. Schumer cited the Trump administration’s similarly abrupt removal of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara.

“Mr. Rosenstein, America depends on you to restore faith in our criminal justice system, which is going to be badly shattered after the administration’s actions today,” Schumer said.

Sen. Mark Warner, vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said “the only way this Administration can begin to demonstrate a commitment to the rule of law, which has so far been sorely lacking, is to cooperate fully with the ongoing congressional investigations and to support the appointment of an independent special counsel.”


The Time to Act is Now – Here is What You Can Do

1. Contact your Member of Congress (find your representative here: to fax.

Suggested script: My name is (X) from (city/state). I’m calling to urge Senator (X) to push for the appointment of an independent special prosecutor to investigate Russia’s involvement with the Trump campaign and the 2016 election. Sally Yates’ bombshell testimony followed by the firing of James Comey has made it clear a special prosecutor is needed to guarantee a full investigation.

2. Call Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (202-353-1555), who now oversees the Russia investigation, to appoint a special prosecutor.

Suggested script: Hi, my name is (X) from (city/state). I’m calling to ask Mr. Rosenstein to appoint an independent special prosecutor to investigate Russia’s involvement with the Trump campaign and the 2016 election. I believe this is the only way to guarantee a fair and full investigation instead of more partisan politics. Thank you.


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From the New York Times (

“Senior White House and Justice Department officials had been working on building a case against Mr. Comey since at least last week, according to administration officials. Attorney General Jeff Sessions had been charged with coming up with reasons to fire him, the officials said.” — Michael S. Schmidt

Reaction to Mr. Comey’s surprising firing was swift, and Mr. Trump’s critics said it showed the need for an independent investigation. Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, said in a Twitter message that Mr. Comey “should be immediately called to testify in an opening hearing about the status of Russia/Trump investigation at the time he was fired.”

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