Never say never. Congressional Republicans have managed to make Trumpcare even worse. The GOP health plan—which already promised to strip health coverage from 24 million Americans and cause premiums to skyrocket—now guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Make no mistake: stripping these crucial protections will make health coverage unaffordable for millions of Americans. In fact, it’s so bad that Congressional Republicans are trying to keep these protections for themselves but take them away from everyone else.

Congress is trying to rush the bill through the House this week, which means the House could vote on the bill as soon as tomorrow. We are only a few votes away from defeating Trumpcare again. But we need your help.

Our partner organization, The Center for American Progress has created a new Trumpcare toolkit that has all the tools you need to contact the Representatives: updated whip list, phone numbers, sample social media, and key statistics.


We stopped them once, and we can do it again. Call and tweet at these targeted members of Congress to reject repealing the ACA once and for all.

Call Script: VOTE NO on Trumpcare, don’t strip away health care from your constituents.