This is Thomas Jonathan “Jon” Ossoff, an American investigative filmmaker, former congressional national security aide, and Democratic candidate who just ran in the 2017 special election to represent Georgia’s 6th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is ONLY 30 years old!

Most important, he’s projected to win a traditionally Republican seat. Unfortunately, in last tonight’s special election, he didn’t get the 50% +1 he needed to avoid a runoff election in June. Despite this, he made history by getting the majority of the vote (48.6%) in a traditionally Republican-held seat.

“We worked hard down here, and we appreciate everyone’s help,” Together We Will Georgia volunteer Molly Renew Miller said after the April 18 election. “A lot of us in GA-3, like myself, did phone banking all day. The majority of my calls received the response ‘I already voted for him’ or ‘I plan to vote my Ossoff after work.”

Folks throughout the nation are working their tails off to make sure that he is elected on June 20th. Join Together We Will USA and Together We Will Georgia to make sure that he wins and help #flipthe6th.

So if you’re tired of cynically sending and receiving anti-Trump memes, here’s how to send a message that Trump and the Republicans in DC will receive personally.

What You Can Do To Help

  • Donate (a little or a lot) by visiting Ossoff’s website. He has raised a decent amount of money already, but used nearly all of it in the April special election, so his war chest is depleted. He needs funds to win the runoff election on June 20th, and we have to assist him. Every little bit counts, so please help! 
  • Follow Jon Ossoff on Twitter @ossoff and on Instagram @jonossoff
  • You can even help phone bank for him from out of state and right from your home (as in sitting on your butt)
  • If you live INSIDE Georgia find ways to help out by going here.
  • If you live OUTSIDE of Georgia find ways to help out by going here.
  • Support organizations such as Spread the Vote. They will help many of the 60,000 eligible voters in GA-06 vote in the June 20th runoff election who were unable to vote yesterday due to strict (and possibly unconstitutional) voter ID laws. Expanding the voting pool will be a great way to help get Ossoff elected. Visit the organization’s Facebook page.


Together We Will USA will be working closely with Together We Will Georgia. Our national branch will take cues from them and similar Georgia-based organizations.  In this way we will provide our members both inside and outside of Georgia ways to best assist and coordinate with Ossoff’s campaign. So stay tuned, stay engaged, and let’s win this seat! Let’s flip a red southern seat and turn it into a BLUE seat on June 20. Who is with us? We believe that Together We Will! #VoteYourOssoff

Help us keep the lights on

We hope this information helps. For more updates like this, stay tuned to the Together We Will Newsroom, and please consider supporting our 100%-volunteer-run organization by making a $5-10 donation to our grassroots efforts.