Week Ahead: What Russian Scandal?

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Weekly Report

Does Trump think he can bomb his way out of the Russian scandal? Keep the American people distracted from calls for his impeachment due to nepotism and self dealing? Apparently so. In a little over a week’s time we have seen the U.S. bombing both Syria and Afghanistan. Rumors abound that Trump only ordered the bombing of Syria because his daughter, Ivanka, was upset at seeing the children who died in a chemical weapons attack earlier that week.  

There were multiple reasons given by multiple people within the administration, but no clear rationale came to the forefront. Then the “mother of all bombs” was dropped on Afghanistan, and pundits immediately began criticizing the move, wondering aloud why it was necessary. Trump has thus far refused to even comment on whether he approved the strike, much less provide a reason why. Perhaps he and his staff will devise a coherent foreign policy statement sometime when they are out on the golf course.

Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up, marches are planned all across the country to voice the widespread opposition to the GOP agenda to destroy the planet by eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency, removing all references to climate change on government websites, and boosting dirty energy such as gas, oil and coal.  


Congress is on break for the next two weeks and will, hopefully, be holding townhalls in their districts and meeting with constituents. GOP members will likely use these meetings as opportunities to lobby for Trumpcare. Congresspersons in Colorado, Texas and South Carolina have already faced open hostility from constituents for their support for the much maligned American Health Care Act.  

What You Can Do

With Congress on break, this is an opportunity to get our message across to members of Congress:

  • Attend your local townhalls
  • Meet with your Congresspersons at their district offices
  • Hold rallies outside of member offices
  • If your Congresspersons refuse to meet with constituents, then find out their schedule and drop in unexpectedly on public meetings and fundraisers



Ty Starks Morgan is an attorney who has worked in the foster care system for 23 years. She is the mother of two teen sons, two dogs, three cats, and a plethora of rescued foster animals.