Activist Tools: Make an Impact

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Activist Toolkit

1. Spread your Message on Twitter

clicktotweetAre you organizing social media campaigns for your local TWW affiliate and looking for an easy way to do it? Click to Tweet can help you spread your message on Twitter. Last week we saw a great campaign using infographics to tweet at members of Congress about the impact Trumpcare would have had in their district. Over 64,000 tweets were sent! Due to the pressure on Twitter, calls to Congress and outcry at town halls, Rep. Paul Ryan was unable to get the votes needed and pulled the bill. Victory! Ready to try for yourself? Here’s a tutorial to get you started!


2. Fax your Member of Congress

reistbotWhen the phone lines are tied up and voicemail boxes are full, it can be hard to get through to your members of Congress. Sending a fax can get your message to their office, but who has a fax machinenowadays?

A new tool called Resistbot allows you to use SMS messaging to send faxes to your members of Congress. Resistbot will ask you some questions about where you live to make sure your messages are sent to the correct offices. A smart phone is not required, but it is helpful to have unlimited text messages because normal texting rates apply. If you want to send separate messages to your individual members of Congress, here’s a handy tutorial.


3. Communicate with your members

Action NetworkThe Action Network is a comprehensive toolset for progressive organizing. Free for individuals and small groups, the toolset includes email newsletters, fundraising, petitions, emails to Congress or governors, event RSVP management and more. Plus, if you have someone on your team with a bit more technical know-how, most of the tools are completely customizable for your needs. Together We Will USA uses The Action Network to send our member and affiliate newsletters and to help new members find their local affiliate.


4. Use Great Images – for free!

UnsplashThe most successful social media posts have compelling graphics that pull people in. Finding high quality images can be a challenge – but the artists in the Unsplash community have made thousands of high resolution images available for free, without any copyright restrictions. There are even some curated image collections ready to use for political activism:

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