Prescription pad that says "Fight Against Trumpcare, call your member of congress now!"


We must act now! In just over 30 hours, this Thursday—seven years (to the day!) after the Obamacare was signed into law—the House of Representatives will vote on House Bill 1628 (Trumpcare) to repeal and replace Obamacare. This vote is far from a sure thing! More than two dozen House Republicans have said they are considering voting against the bill, which is all we need to defeat Trumpcare.

Take the Following Actions Immediately. We have ONE day, lets get to work!

Support the Transparency in All Health Care Pricing amendment.

Shamelessly, Republicans are not allowing any amendments to Trumpcare. Nevertheless, Congressman Ed Perlmutter (CO) is submitting an amendment during the House Rules Committee meeting on Wednesday morning.

Flood the phone lines of Chair of House Rules Committee, Rep Pete Sessions (202-225-2231) and House Majority Leader, Paul Ryan (202-225-0600)

Script: “I am in support of adding Congressman Perlmutter’s Transparency in All Health Care Pricing amendment to HR 1628 at the House Rules Committee. The amendment sends a clear message that we are in the fight to reduce health care costs for all, not just those at the top. If Republicans believe in market competition, they must support this amendment to openly disclose all health care prices, including on the Internet.”

Tell Republicans to Vote No on HR1628

Use this toolkit & info/images provided to Tweet, Facebook, & contact the top Republicans who need to VOTE NO on HR 1628 on Thursday. Know anyone who lives in the first seven districts listed? Share this toolkit with them now

Rally to protect the ACA

Rally to show your support for the ACA and the millions whose lives depend on it on March 23 by joining this DC rally or find an event near you at

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Together we will demand a true open market and not just a “dealer’s game.”