Women’s week ahead: March 6

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Weekly Report

Welcome to the first full week of March and women’s history month. Prior to the 1970’s, the topic of women’s history was not included in the educational curriculum of schools, or even considered an issue in the general public’s consciousness. As is the case with the historical experiences of marginalized groups like African Americans, we still need official months in order to foreground the stories of the oppressed — so privileged people like the President of the United States for example, know about important folks like Frederick Douglass.  


In the coming week, TWW USA will provide information on both women’s history and our present situation in regard to running for political office and being affected by repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Also, to coincide with International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 8, the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington have coordinated another collective action — a Day Without a Woman strike.  

While pundits debate the exact statistics regarding women’s work in its many forms, reality persists: women are on unequal footing compared to men when it comes to participation in labor markets throughout the world. Women are paid less. Women disproportionately bear the burden of unpaid care work, including housework. Women are relegated to pink collar jobs which are undervalued.

All of this combined leaves women with with less economic power and time for education, leisure, political participation and self-care. Furthermore, when the averages are broken down by race, and issues such as sexual harassment, violence, and discrimination against gender non-conforming people are taken into account, the situation seems that much more dire. Visit the Women’s March on Washington for resources and information on how you can participate in the women’s strike on Wednesday. And above all, take care of yourself this week.

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.

Audre Lorde


This week’s GOP agenda         



  • Awaiting committee hearings: Alexander Acosta (nominee to replace Puzder who withdrew as Labor Secretary nominee), Sonny Perdue (Agriculture) and Dan Coats (National Intelligence)


  • Some of the issues the House will be considering this week include: The Department of Homeland Security’s Proposed Regulations Reforming the Investor Visa Program; Building a 21st Century Infrastructure for America: The Role of Federal Agencies in Water Infrastructure; and Undermining Democratic Institutions and Splintering NATO: Russian Disinformation Aims
  • The Senate is hearing several lesser appointments such as Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Secretary of State. The Senate will also conduct various hearings including: examining a broader understanding of Russia’s policies and intentions toward specific countries in Europe and an oversight hearing to “Examine Indian Affairs Priorities” for the Trump Administration.

Executive order

  • The Trump administration just signed a revised version of the executive order on immigration, exempting Iraq from the ban.

Vicki Summers is a freelance writer, editor, and feminist teacher. She lives in Cincinnati with her spouse and two clever and energetic daughters. She has a Bachelor’s in English from the Ohio State University and an Master’s in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies from the University of Cincinnati. Vicki has taught Gender Studies courses and worked in nonprofit settings, including workforce development and after-school programming for urban youth.