TWW Georgia District 6: A Race for the Resistance

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Elections, News

It is an important moment for us. Georgia’s District 6 presents the first opportunity for the Resistance to send a powerful message of opposition to the Republican administration by flipping a red seat in the U.S. House of Representatives blue.

On April 18, District 6 will hold a special election to fill the congressional seat vacated by Tom Price, who has been confirmed Health Secretary. Trump barely won this suburban, traditionally Republican district within metropolitan Atlanta. He eked out a win by just 1.5 percent of the vote. This indicates a prime opportunity for a progressive candidate to take the seat.

At a time when local Republicans are hugely divided over the direction of their party and progressive voters are fired up and ready to go, District 6 is a race for the Resistance. TWW Georgia will be campaigning online and on the ground to turn out the vote. Georgia voters have until March 20 to register for this special election.


Together, Georgia Will

Amanda Schoeck, director of TWW Georgia, says this opportunity is creating a lot of excitement among a wide variety of progressive organizations, which have been quickly swelling in numbers since the November election. Even local Republicans are starting to stand up to the administration.

“We all agree that people should be treated equally,” Schoeck said, “and we should all have rights and representation. We also agree that we need an ethical government.”

Schoeck says that District 6 reflects a growing nationwide movement for progressive values. If District 6 flips, it will follow a trend in the area where historically red counties are turning blue. Schoeck is witnessing more cohesion and discipline than ever before among supporters of fundamental progressive rights and freedoms.

“We aren’t just getting upset,” she said. “We’re following through.”

Schoeck said the race is still solidifying, with new candidates entering the race every day. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, it is crucial that we also understand the challenges. Once the field becomes more stable, progressives must consolidate support behind a single candidate.

Amanda Schoeck, Director of TWW Georgia

Check Out the Candidates:

Alexander Hernandez

Alexander Hernandez


Jon Ossoff

Jon Ossoff

Democrat endorsed by Representative John Lewis

Ragin Edwards

Ragin Edwards

GA Resident, Manager & Civil Servant

Rebecca Quigg

Rebecca Quigg

Medical Doctor

Visit Georgia’s Secretary of State to find an updated list of all candidates registered to run for the 6th District seat.

What You Can Do

  • Turn out the vote. Be sure to register to vote by March 20. Let all of your progressive allies know this deadline. We need as many allies as possible participating in this election.
  • Tell your friends. Special election voter turnout is often low. A handful of votes may decide this. Let your friends know that an unusually timed election is coming up. Get it on their calendars!
  • Drive them to the polls. On April 18, make sure every possible supporter of progressive values can actually get to the polls.
  • Unify behind one candidateBecause of how this election will be held, it is important for progressives to unify behind one candidate once the field stabilizes. There is a particular risk of splitting the progressive vote in this election. To succeed, serious hazard must be avoided. We must choose and support one–and only one–candidate. Find information on each candidate as it becomes available here.
  • Campaign, campaign, campaign. Once a qualified candidate has been selected, donate your time, money, and other resources to help your candidate get elected. 

For more info about Georgia TWW please visit their landing page and request to be added: Together We Will Georgia Facebook

As a co-founder of Together We Will (TWW) Azadeh Ghafari believes in leveling the political playing field for forward-thinking candidates. She seeks to build a powerful movement dedicated to electing progressives into office. She currently leads TWW Political Strategy Advisory Board. Azadeh earned a dual bachelor’s degree in history and political science and a minor in economics from UCLA. She went on to earn her dual master’s degree in public policy and social work from USC. Her areas of interest are based around policy analysis within higher education. She is pursuing a Ph.D in the field of education. She currently works as a nonprofit development director and political fundraising consultant.